May 11, 2016

Intro Overview (15:06)

A thorough overview of navigating the Pro tool, utilizing them to find properties and contacting the support team.

Core Reports (2:51)

Step-by-step instruction for requesting and accessing the core reports. Core reports are saved online and printable.

Lead Pipes (9:10)

Cash Buyers, Pre-Foreclosures, & Foreclosures. Filter based on time, property details, target areas, county and cities.

New Deal Analyzer (16:26)

Access the Deal Analyzer from the meneu & from a property file. Detailed deal analysis based on property and strategy.

Documents (5:47)

Manage, store & retrieve documents from the various stages of your deals. Locating sample contracts & getting started quickly.

Comps (1:46)

Running property comps from stored properties. Comps/Evals incl. valuation estimates, property details and related data.